Long time no see

So, I was not posting for some time recently. This post is to update you ( and make a summary for me) on what I was doing during that time.


At the beginning of April I posted my last content to this blog.
Then I stopped blogging, yet it does not mean that I stopped coding.


First of all, I took all the features I mentioned in Milestones, Minimum Viable Product and wrote them down in gitlab issue tracker. Then I assigned some of them to the MVP milestone.


While still thinking about what language to write the soundboard in (I am considering writing it in C#, F# or Python) I took a free F# course available on Udemy (https://www.udemy.com/starting-fsharp/learn/v4/content), which I recommend as it covers the very basics of functional and F# programming.

Finishing the 4.5-hour course took me approx. a week (coding included) and I was awarded with the certificate of completion (https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-9BZ4L4Y9/). The code I produced during the course is available at my github: https://github.com/badamiak/udemy-fsharp-course.


gitlab to github

I started May with moving all finished projects from my private repository to github (https://github.com/badamiak).

ssl for gitlab

Then I moved on to devops stuff and introduced the ssl certificate to my private gitlab instance. The goal was to start using the ssl as the default method of transfering all project files using ssl channel instead of an unencrypted http one.

The certification path in my case has only two levels –  first the private, self-signed, root CA (Certification Authority), then a subdomain cert signed by the private CA.

At first I had some problems with my certification chain as I had no entry for a CN (Common Name) in my certs. Then I tried to generate the subdomain certificate with proper CN, again without success due to lacking CN record in the root cert. After regenerating the root CA cert and providing proper CN record values for both root and subdomain certs (and adding my CA to my trusted CAs list) my ssl connections were identified as secured, at least by Firefox and Edge browsers. Chrome still throws the ‘wrong CN’ error for the subdomain cert but as for now it’s ok for me as I do not use that browser. Yet, it should be fixed in the near future.

drawing course

Finally, I started a drawing course (available on https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-drawing-course-beginner-to-advanced/ as for the date this post was published) and finished first two sections of it.

The first section is a control drawing that will be used to compare the drawing skill at the beginning of the course and after finishing it, the second one focuses on drawing the very basic element of every drawing that is a line.



A while ago I’ve started learning the python language. After finishing the ‘learn python the hard way’ (https://www.learnpythonthehardway.org) course and another one on Udemy (only the basics of python section, without any frameworks), I decided to improve my python scripting skills by solving the Project Euler (https://projecteuler.net/) problems. As for now I have solved the first six of them.

While solving mentioned problems I was using the ‘git flow’ tool. I’ve never used that toolset before, but I’ve heard a few words about it here and there so I decided to test it. After using it for a while I find it to be a quite useful and time-saving tool.

first apprentice

A friend of mine, after a few months of training, has started looking for his first full-time job as a PHP developer. I consider him to be a kind of apprentice of mine as I helped him in solving some issues he had on his training project. I also taught him the basics of git, and briefly refreshed the regex usage. For the 3 months mentioned in this post I was giving him directions on what to read or search for while solving the problems he had encountered and what he should learn next to start his career in IT.

drawing course

Throughout June I finished the next 2 sections of the drawing course that covered drawing of shapes, adding shadows and composing drawings of the basic geometric objects.

Q3 plans

July is a summer break for me, so my plans for that month are to chillax a bit.

It seems that some of my friends would like to learn to code, so now I am preparing a short course covering the very basics of software development such as logic, program flow and basic tooling. In the course I will use python as it has the easiest syntax of all the programming languages known to me.

Due to the course I am spending the whole August preparing the material. Then I am taking a short one week break at the beginning of September and starting the course midmonth.

image: Time by ashley.adcox Licence cc-by-nc-nd 2.0

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