Docker ‘run’ with -i/-t independently

During research on how to use Docker, when I came to the point of running interactive containers I got interested in how Docker would behave, if -i or -t option was passed independently.
Below is what I found out.

Let’s start with -i only:

As we can see, input is redirected to container and container output is redirected back to host.
Now for -t only:

Although we called a ping command, ‘tcpdump’ shows that nothing was sent. That means that the input was not redirected to the container.
In summary, it is possible to work with -i only for interactive mode, although you will see the output of the called commands after they finish execution.
-t option activates terminal emulation mode meaning, that the output of the executing command will be printed during its execution.
Just try to compare how Docker behavior will differ if you call:

docker run debian ping -c 5


docker run -t debian ping -c 5

You may prefer to use -t only, if all you want to do is to check default container command output in real-time, without interacting with it.

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